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Prayer Works-Ask the Evangelical Christian Prayer Ministry’s Members In a world where everything is questioned and investigated,it is hard to prove to others that things like prayer works. There are many today who ask innocently:does prayer affect external situations in any way? There are many too who have wondered whether prayer made to God by a believer in any way has an effect or effects on such a prayer maker. Undoubtedly,prayer and especially intercessory prayer is what a committed Christian existence is about Christians are meant to intercede for themselves,others and about the world even when it would appear to some as though all such prayer were of no avail. Bible believing Christians who are members of the Evangelical Christian Prayer Ministry believe unwaveringly in the power of personal and corporate prayer and that prayer does really change things in the believer,in people who are prayed for and in world affairs.
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Bangor University’s Professor Leslie Francis has conducted 31 experiments in relation to prayers’ effectiveness.
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The experiments involved hundreds of people who were recovering from surgery;these people would randomly be divided into two groups of which one was prayed for and the other was not. None of the participants knew that there were people praying for them. The results emanating from the study were kind of staggering. People who have others praying for them are more likely to improve health wise irrespective of whether they are aware that others were praying for them or not. According to Dr David Laws of the University of Manchester,the kind of prayer that asks God to perform something is only effective if one has a particular understanding in relation to God. There are various groups affiliated with the Evangelical Christian prayer Ministry such as cancer prayer network,intercessory prayer healing teams,ladies intercessory prayer groups,intercessory worship groups and prayer network online who are ready to pray for and believe with people who are going through various difficulties in life All the believers involved in all these groups have accepted Jesus as their personal savior and strive to follow his teachings;they have also decided to commit themselves to intercessory prayers for people with different needs in their personal lives. There are people who have been told by their physicians that they had only months or even weeks to live but had the verdict given by their doctor overturned by the power of fervent prayer. Feel free to connect with any of the groups affiliated with the Evangelical Christian Prayer Ministry and you will have your prayer request confidentially raised to the Lord.